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"Helping You Help Yourself Regain Balance"

Life After Forty, LLC is a Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching / Consulting business, established April 2007. Specializing in individual & company Stress Management, Lifestyle & Behavior Modification, Diet & Wellness Coaching, Self-Motivation / Self-Confidence building, Clinical Health Related Issues including Weight Management, & Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder, (SADD) , guiding you in balancing your personal & professional life including Time Management, & the physical, mental emotional & spiritual effects of stress in our lives.

My Dear Friends:

Have you ever felt like your life is just hanging out there in the balance?
Or, even worse, out of balance? The balance of life as we know it is a very fragile thing. Sometimes it only takes one small stressor to create a sense of imbalance and sometimes a life changing event can throw us into a state of total imbalance. Compare life to a four legged table, legs being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. When one of those legs gets pulled out from under you ... what happens? Well, a real table would tip and everything on it would slide off and go crashing to the ground. Such can be true with our "Life's Table". If any of the legs on our proverbial table were to be pulled out, one of our life areas could also be effected and create an imbalance for us. It takes all four legs to keep a table level. How do we manage juggling stressors, life's demands, challenges, successes and disappointments, and still keep a positive attitude, remain energetic, and in all of that maintain a sense of wellness, well being and of course, let's not forget ... Balance? Let me help you discover how.

We all have it in us, that innate desire to live, to thrive and to succeed. It is my personal goal to help you find that drive from within yourselves, increasing your sense of self-worth and confidence, empowering you to tap your own internal strength and energy to be the best you can be in all areas of your lives. It is my desire to help you stay focused, get healthy, identify and tap all of your available resources, and remain positive with a "Can do" attitude. I believe we are what we think we are. It is further my goal to help you know and believe that "You are a winner" and you have the answer from within yourselves! I would love the opportunity to help you find it! Let's take that journey together.


Please see my column Featured in; Business First of Louisville, July 11, 2008 Publication: "Success in the Workplace."

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