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About Me

* Certified Holistic Life Coach (Through Spencer University, Accredited by: NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association))

* Licensed Registered Nurse (24 Years) (Focus in Psychiatry and Holistic Wellness)

* 30+ years experience in Health Care including counseling and consulting.


A life altering event occurred in my life about five years ago that turned my world as I knew it, upside down. Yes, you guessed it right! It happened to me in my forties.(I am now 51) This turn of events brought a whole new meaning to maintaining equilibrium and balance. For about six months I was robotic and mechanical, simply doing what I had to do to get by each day. At least three of the four legs of my life table had been pulled out from under me. My life was totally out of balance. Slowly, I began working on each of those legs with the help of family, friends and of course, our Creator. As I began working on one area of my life, a funny thing happened ... I had the motivation and strength to work on other areas, giving me the motivation to work on other areas ... you get the picture. I was gaining momentum in re-balancing my life Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.

For me, it has been that drive to restore, achieve and maintain balance in my own personal life that brings me to where I am today: With a desire to help people who are experiencing challenges in their lives caused by daily stressors or life changing events to achieve and restore a new sense of balance, live healthy happy lives, learn to laugh and enjoy life again - even after forty!


To maintain balance in my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, while achieving maximum good health, fitness, wellness and enjoying life while I'm doing it!

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