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Need a Life Coach

Ask Yourself: Do I Need a Life Coach?

* Has a major life event or have every day stressors gotten the best of you?

* Are you spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

* Have you gained weight but lost motivation?

* Do you feel overwhelmed by life and don't know where to start?

* Are the Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual aspects of your life out of balance?

* Have major areas of your personal or professional life been suffering?

* Is time management Greek to you?

* Do you need help identifying your options?

* Is your attitude about life going down the tubes?

Well, if you answered YES to any or many of these, perhaps a Personal Holistic Life Coach could help you get back on track and regain that balance in your life you so long for. Isn't it time you made that personal commitment to yourself to restore that balance and get back in the groove again?

What's the Next Step? Contact me for a free initial phone consultation of services available.
Call me at 502-836-7532.

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